Check valve-like check valve


Check valve disguised check valve after result:

Sudden change in the cause of water flow in the water flow discharge pipe, sudden change in the flow velocity in the trigger pipe, momentum change in the unit time of the cause, inevitable ectitious force in the production phase, pressure force in the trigger pipe Suddenly sudden change of change. This kind of water flow velocity sum pressure force timely sum position metamorphic phenomenon, name water hammer (or name water hammer).

Pumping water hammer, water hammer, water hammer, pumping water hammer, pumping water hammer (causes such as sudden power outage). In the previous two types of water hammer normal operation, there is a risk of non-meeting and a safety problem. The latter formative pressure force, a large number of people going back and forth, and a hammering accident.

Cause, research water hammer sum calculation water hammer purpose:

(1) Hammer maximum water hammer pressure force Opposite road Japanese-style machine structure creation Temporary vandalism;

(2) Minimum water hammer pressure force in the jurisdiction in the jurisdiction.

③ Prevention system Reverse rotation station Productive destruction phenomenon.

In the system of the water extraction device, the characteristics of the pump are immediate. Water hammer pump lawless and time related, water hammer flow in the conduit Temporary water hammer (or so-called hydroelectric pump), water hammer

1. Mizubori Kogyo

After the water pump loss dynamic force, the water pump-like rotation speed and rapid descent, the water flow in the Izumi pipeline, the inertial flow along the original direction, but the flow velocity is rapid, the pressure drop, the direct flow stop, the forward flow, and the flow rate is zero. For a moment, the water flow is positive, the water flow is normal (the water flow is flowing in the direction of the Yusui-buchi Izuike), and the water is flowing.

2. Brake

The flow rate in the existing water pipe is zero, the static water body, the static water in the water pond, the water flow in the water pipe, and the water flow in the water pipe. Action, impeller-like rotation speed acceleration and descent, direct rotation speed zero. For a moment, the impeller is in the opposite direction, and the pressure at the exit is high. This is a momentary water brake.

3. 3. Water turbine

Increasing the flow rate of the contiguous reverse water flow, increasing the flow rate of the water flow, reversing the speed of the water flow, reversing the rotation speed, and at the same time, at the same time. This kind of impeller is the maximum speed that can be reached at a certain time, and the maximum speed that can be reached at a certain time. At the same time as the increase in the blocking force, the reverse water flow flow rate increased, and the maximum number of arrivals was reached. The action of the impeller is small, the reverse rotation speed of the use is reduced, and the water flow action is due to the static water flow. An unemployed image of an impeller, a water turbine, a water turbine, and a water turbine. This is a momentary water turbine.

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