What are the factors that affect the air volume of the axial fan?


Axial fan with 180 degree air outlet, linear inlet air, relatively simple mechanism, stable and reliable, low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, many customers first consider the product with heat dissipation performance when choosing, and hope that the air volume is large and the heat dissipation is fast. So what are the factors that affect the air volume of the axial fan?

The greater the air volume of the axial fan, the greater the heat absorption of the cold air, and the more heat can be taken away when the air flow is transferred, the more obvious the heat dissipation effect, but the greater the air volume, the lower the wind pressure, so the blowing distance is Smaller, it also affects the heat dissipation effect. The main factors affecting the axial fan are determined by the speed, the number of blades, the power consumption, the wind pressure, the inclination angle, the height, and the diameter.

When the structure of the axial flow fan is fixed, the speed changes synchronously with the change of the working voltage. The speed of the axial flow fan can be measured by the internal speed signal or externally. When selecting, if the air volume is almost the same, you can choose a low speed A little bit, the noise will be relatively small.

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