How to select the correct water pump


First, (water pump)the product packaging of the original pump or supporting manufacturer is generally standardized, with clear and formal handwriting, with detailed product name, specification and model, registered trademark, factory name, address and telephone number; Generally, the packaging of fake accessories is rough, and the printing of factory address and factory name is not clear.

Second, the qualified water pump has smooth surface and good workmanship. The more important the spare parts are, the higher the processing accuracy will be, and the more strict the anti rust and anti-corrosion of the packaging will be. When purchasing, if the parts are found to have rust spots, or the rubber parts are cracked, lose elasticity, or there are exposed processing lines on the surface of the journal, they should not be the accessories of the original factory.

Third, the appearance of inferior water pumps is sometimes good. However, due to the poor manufacturing process, it is easy to be damaged. When purchasing, you can see the quality of the accessory process as long as you observe the hidden parts such as edges and corners of the accessory.

Fourth, some water pumps are renovated with waste parts. At this time, the old paint can be found as long as the surface paint of the parts is removed. It is best not to use such water pumps
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